April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Please see below the series of activities to raise awareness, promote engagement, and provide educational tools surrounding issues of sexual and gender-based harassment.

Bystander Intervention – Live Virtual Webinar
Tuesday, April 7th | 3:00 – 4:30 PM
Registration for Bystander Intervention

The elimination of sexual and gender-based harassment in our community requires not only exceptional systems of response, but an environment that engages community members at all levels in critical prevention practices. Staff, students, and faculty have indicated that they are eager to adopt practical tools that will enable them to detect and respond to signs of harassment from their own learning and work environments. This workshop will equip you with strategies and skills necessary for building an inclusive community.

LGBTQ Inclusive Practices – Live Virtual Webinar
Thursday, April 16th | 3:00- 4:30 PM
Registration for LBGTQ Inclusive Practices

An interactive workshop that will highlight the Harvard and community resources that promote gender inclusion and work to address and prevent sexual and gender-based harassment, both on and off campus. The workshop will also introduce participants to the Harvard Guidelines for Gender Inclusivity in the Workplace. Realistic hypothetical scenarios focus on key concepts related to LGBTQ communities and gender diversity, including best practices, and answer frequently asked questions.

Harvard Wears Denim
Wednesday, April 29th | All Day
Join us (from your home) by participating in our fifth annual Harvard Wears Denim! Denim Day is to recognize a day in which we stand in solidarity with survivors of sexual violence who are not treated justly. It has its origins with an Italian court case in which a conviction was overturned due to the tightness of the survivor’s jeans and the supposed improbability that the perpetrator could have taken them off without the survivor’s help. Visit Denim Day Information for more info.

Required On-line Course – University Faculty and Staff: Supporting a Harassment-Free Community for Staff, Faculty and Academic Appointees

This course provides an overview of Title IX and the University Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment Policy (which applies to all Harvard University students, faculty, staff, appointees, or third parties). By the end of this course, we hope employees will have a better understanding of the Policy and our community expectations; how to recognize signs of possible sexual or gender-based harassment; and the responsibility of employees to share information about possible sexual or gender-based harassment with a Title IX Coordinator. If you have not yet taken this required course or would like a refresher, click access Supporting a Harassment-Free Community.