Walking Your Why

Zoom Virtual Webinar

Messages about what is important and what makes us worthy are constantly bombarding us. And other’s actions and decisions affect us more that we realize. As a result, many of us are disengaged and dissatisfied with the choices we make and the work we do. Understanding the set of values that are truly our own and not imposed by others, is crucial to reverse this. In this insightful session, you…


Yoga: Energize & Restore

Zoom Virtual Webinar

This gentle vinyasa flow yoga class with leave you balanced, energized, and restored. We will integrate movement with the breath as part of a gentle and creative vinyasa yoga flow. You will tune into your body and bring a sense of calm to the mind. Suited for all levels.

Unlock the Power of LinkedIn

Zoom Virtual Webinar

Many people think of LinkedIn only as a tool to find a new position - but it is much more than that. By using the LinkedIn platform regularly, you can research and learn about new workforce trends; connect with professionals in your field and share your career insights and comments with your network. Objectives: Identify resources on LinkedIn pertinent to your career interests Discover connections you can make to strengthen…