Navigating Emotional Wellbeing Now

Zoom Virtual Webinar

Our employees’ emotional wellbeing has quickly become a top priority for companies to address in the wake of Covid-19. Topics fueling these concerns include personal and family safety, continued work-life demands and ongoing emotional effects of the pandemic. Naturally, there will be a broad spectrum of emotional and behavioral responses as it relates to pandemic fatigue, anxiety, grief, and isolation. The goals of the session will be: 1. Acknowledge and…


Intuitive Eating for Beginners

Zoom Virtual Webinar

Eating should be easy! This is a 10-week Intuitive Eating for Beginners course for the chronic dieter who is ready to reconnect with their body and say good-bye to food rules. The class is a safe and judgement free space, where participants will learn the principles of Intuitive Eating and be able to discuss previous dieting experiences, body image issues, and discover what it means to take a holistic approach…