Prepared & Present: Thriving in Crisis

Research shows that the best way for leaders and teams to navigate a crisis is to be properly prepared while remaining calm and clear. Preparation equips us with the information and resources we need to keep ourselves and others safe, while presence empowers us to decrease stress, make better decisions, and increase our immune system function. In this session, participants will learn a powerful framework with tangible strategies to find…


Workplace Conflict During a Pandemic

Zoom Virtual Webinar

This workshop seeks to provide some fundamental tools to help navigate the new contours of workplace conflict during the Covid-19 pandemic, especially exacerbated by virtual communication. Audience: Harvard staff, faculty, postdocs and affiliates

Mental Health First Aid

Zoom Virtual Webinar

It is estimated that 1in 5 Americans will experience a diagnosable mental disorder in any given year. The impacts of this are far reaching when you consider how that could also affect family, friends and colleagues. Given the prevalence of mental health issues (which are likely only compounded by the events of the last 15months) The Office of Employee Development and Wellness will be offering a workshop designed to not…

Mitigating the Burden of COVID-19 for our K-12 Children

Zoom Virtual Webinar

Returning children (K-12) back to school safely during a pandemic continues to be a public health challenge. With all Massachusetts districts returning to school full time and in- person, Alan Geller, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences, will return for the third time to present the latest research, data, and practical tips for mitigating the burden of COVID-19 for our K-12 children. Attendees will have the…