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Making Meaningful Connections

The continued positive response to the Meaningful Connections curriculum resulted in HLC colleagues making many connections across the campus over the past year. Keep the energy going in FY’19 by continuing to take advantage of the robust curriculum offered below. Three content suites comprise the Meaningful Connections curriculum:  Work-Life & Wellbeing, Interpersonal Focus and In The Know. To find out how Meaningful Connections began and how we developed the curriculum click here. For questions about HLC courses or registration, email hlctraining@hsph.harvard.edu.

FY’19 Meaningful Connections Work/Life & Professional Development Calendar
Click here for the FY’19 Meaningful Connections: Work-Life & Professional Development Calendar July 2018 – April 2019. For detailed course information, read the HLC Work-Life & Professional Development  Course Catalogue.

Harvard University encourages persons with disabilities to participate in its programs and activities. If you anticipate needing any type of accommodation or have questions about the physical access provided, please contact hlctraining@hsph.harvard.edu in advance of your participation.


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Performance Management
Please click here for the latest information on training and tools.

Understanding the I9 Process
Thursday, February 28th: 10:00am – 11:00am, Gordon Hall, Waterhouse Room
Instructor: T. Weekes and J. Jordan
HTP course information/class registration
In this lecture-style class, students will learn about the process for completing the I-9 form for new employees and the process of re-verifying employees with expired visas. This class will cover both staff and academic employee types. There will be in class exercises to reinforce some of Harvard’s more common I-9 scenarios.
Audience: New and existing staff members responsible for completing I-9 forms and those who may be new or would just like to get a better understanding of the I-9 Employment Verification process

Flex Work Information and Classes:
Harvard University aims for excellence in its administrative operations and the employment experience it provides. Flexible work arrangements can contribute to this excellence, providing the potential for employees to perform consistently at the highest levels, work together efficiently and effectively to meet the University’s mission and business objectives, and maintain a good quality of life. To find out more about the Flexible Work Guidelines and for classes happening in Cambridge click here.


Work/Life & Wellbeing Classes





Work/Life resources for the Harvard Longwood Campus community can be reached via e-mail: worklife.hlc@harvard.edu.

New! Weight Watchers Session at Brigham and Women’s Hospital: 2/27/19 – click here for more!

Yoga: Energize and Restore
Mondays, 12:00pm – 1:00pm
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Release Form
Countway, Lahey Room
Gordon Hall, Waterhouse Room
Countway, Lahey Room
2/18: NO CLASS
Countway, Lahey Room
Countway, Ballard Room (Note: due to space, there is a 15person limit for this class)
Countway, Lahey Room
3/25: DIFFERENT TIME – 1:00pm – 2:00pm,
Tosteson Med Ed. Center, Learning Studio 128
Gordon Hall, Waterhouse Room
This yoga class with leave you balanced, energized, and restored. Suited for all levels. We will integrate movement with the breath as part of a gentle and creative vinyasa yoga flow. You will tune into your body through movement and bring a sense of calm to the mind through the breath. You will leave feeling ready to face the rest of the day and week with a greater sense of self and balance. No prior yoga experience necessary. Participants need to provide their own mats (and props, if desired). Please note: You must bring a signed copy of the release attached at the class level in order to participate in this class. If you are under 18yrs, please email hlctraining@hsph.harvard.edu as there may be extra paperwork needed.
Audience: This course is intended for Harvard Longwood Campus staff, faculty, post docs and affiliates.
Instructor: Karoline Barwinski
Please email hlctraining@hsph.harvard.edu with any questions.

Carnaval Samba and Afro-Brazilian Dance
Tuesdays, 12:45pm – 2:00pm: Joseph B. Martin Lounge, Vanderbilt Hall
January 29th, February 5, February 12 and February 19
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Dance Waiver Form
Samba is a contagious, highly-syncopated rhythm and dance from Brazil that expresses joy and the warm, open spirit of Brazilian culture. The class will teach and practice samba as well as other Afro-Brazilian dance styles from various parts of the country, providing cultural context. The aim is to create a welcoming, non-competitive environment where students of all abilities and experience can enjoy learning together. Bring some water and a smile and get ready to have fun! Registration Note: You must bring a signed copy of the release attached at the class level in order to participate in this class. If you are under 18yrs, please email hlctraining@hsph.harvard.edu as there may be extra paperwork needed.
Audience: This course is intended for Harvard Longwood Campus staff, faculty, post docs, students and affiliates.
Instructor: Rachel Werkman has been dancing samba since 2001 when she fell in love with Brazil. She co-founded the dance troupe, SambaViva, which offers weekly classes and performs at events all over New England and beyond!

ReBoot: breath and meditation workshop
Tuesdays, 12:00pm – 1:00pm, see locations below
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2/5: Countway, Minot Room
2/12: DIFFERENT TIME 1:15-2:00pm, Countway, Ballard Room
2/19: Countway, Minot Room
2/26: Tosteson Medical Education Center, HOLMES Rm 304
3/5: Tosteson Medical Education Center, HOLMES Rm 304
3/12: Tosteson Medical Education Center, HOLMES Rm 304
3/19: Tosteson Medical Education Center, HOLMES Rm 304
3/26: Tosteson Medical Education Center, HOLMES Rm 304
This workshop is a total well-being approach to managing stress through SKY meditation. To begin, participants will be guided through evidence-based breathing techniques to promote relaxation. After these initial relaxation techniques, the course leaders will guide participants through a 20 minute meditation, with time for reflection afterwards.
Please note: You will need to register for this course in the Harvard Training Portal. If you are under 18yrs, please email hlctraining@hsph.harvard.edu as there may be extra paperwork needed.
Audience: This course is intended for Harvard Longwood Campus staff, faculty, post docs, affiliates, and students.
Pre-requisites: None
*Kavishwar Wagholikar, Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, and Assistant in Computer Science at Massachusetts General Hospital
*Elizabeth Pomerantz, Program Administrator for Systems Biology PhD Program
Please contact hlctraining@hsph.harvard.edu with any questions.

Better Sleep for Parents and Kids
Monday, February 25th: 12:00pm – 1:00pm, Gordon Hall, Waterhouse Room
R. Clerici from Harvard’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
HTP course information/class registration
In the American epidemic of insufficient sleep, children are suffering the most. Kids between birth and fifth grade are sleeping from 1 ½ to 2 hours per night less than recommended. This hands-on presentation will help you improve sleep for the whole family. Attendees will learn:
• Recommended amounts of sleep for children of various ages, from birth to teenage years
• Obstacles to children receiving the sleep they require
• Solutions that will make a difference
The session will conclude with a guided relaxation exercise for initiating sleep and returning to sleep.
Audience: Harvard Longwood Campus staff, faculty, post docs and affiliates

Welcoming A Baby? Thinking About Adoption? New to Childcare?
Thursday, March 7th: 10:30am – 12:00pm, Countway Minot Room
HTP course information/class registration
This seminar provides an overview of the multiple resources offered to Harvard paid benefits eligible employees. Topics covered include a review of various child care options and how to find childcare that’s right for you. A general review of the benefits available to each employee type and their various pay schedules, planning your leave, lactation rooms and other key information for new parents from the Harvard Longwood Campus. Feel free to bring and enjoy your lunch!
registration of this course through the Harvard Training Portal will result in it being listed as complete and viewable under training history. For the purpose of confidentiality, you may also register by emailing hlctraining@hsph.harvard.edu with your name, the course name and date you wish to attend.

Thursdays from 1:00pm – 1:50pm – See dates below for rooms
Faculty, Staff and Students- All are welcome!

*Components of Our Well-being & Ill-being
*How do we more fully live our values?
*How can one understand: Anger, Fear, Judgment, Jealousy
*How does one cultivate: Kindness, Joy, Love, Trust, Creativity, Leadership, Team Work
*Rediscover your Happiness: Tools and Practices to foster change
Facilitator: David E. Arond, MD, MPH, FAAP, darond@hsph.harvard.edu
Health Policy and Management
1/3/2019 202B (Kresge)
1/10/2019  202A (Kresge)
1/17/2019  202A (Kresge)
1/24/2019 202A (Kresge)
1/31/2019  202B (Kresge)
2/7/2019  202A (Kresge)
2/14/2019  202A (Kresge)
2/21/2019  202A (Kresge)
2/28/2019  202B (Kresge)
3/7/2019 202A (Kresge)
3/14/2019  202A (Kresge)
3/21/2019 202A (Kresge)
3/28/2019 FXB FXB-G10
4/4/2019  202A (Kresge)
4/11/2019 202A (Kresge)
4/18/2019  202A (Kresge)
4/25/2019  FXB-G10
5/2/2019  202A (Kresge)
5/9/2019  202A (Kresge)
5/16/2019  202A (Kresge)
5/23/2019  202A (Kresge)

Bright Horizons Webinars
Bright Horizons Webinar Library offers recorded webinars on a variety of topics; parents can watch at their convenience.


Center for Workplace Development Classes: On the HLC, UMT & Harvard Leadership

CWD classes on the HLC
Click on the class link below for CWD on the HLC class information and to register. For a complete list of  CWD classes offered in Cambridge (and on the HLC) click here or visit https://hr.harvard.edu/files/humanresources/files/cwd_courses.pdf.

Communicating at Work, Wednesday March 6th: 10am – 3pm, Countway, Minot Room
HTP course information/class registration

Fostering Trust and Transparency, Wednesday, April 3rd: 9:30am – 12:30pm, Gordon Hall, Waterhouse Room
Class enrollment closes BEFORE March 27th due to required pre-work activities.
HTP course information/class registration

Managing Up, Tuesday, June 4th: 10am – 3pm, Countway, Ballard Room
REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Class enrollment closes BEFORE May 14th due to required pre-work activities.
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Universal Manager Training
To learn about this CWD program, click here.  This program equips managers with knowledge and skills in the core areas of Employment Law, HU Policies, WorkLife, Leaves of Absence, Civility, Safety, and Diversity.  This program is required for all managers and supervisors (new managers should attend within their first year at Harvard). For more information and to register, go to the Harvard Training Portal (trainingportal.harvard.edu) and enter Universal Manager Training under Search in the upper right-hand corner.

Harvard Leadership Development Programs
Please click here for a description of available programs and options.  To enroll contact:
– Chan – rfeeney@hsph.harvard.edu
– HMS – skatsman@hsph.harvard.edu
– HSDM – judith_vance@hsdm.harvard.edu


Harvard University Human Resources Classes, Information & Benefits Office Workshops

Preparing for Retirement
Thursday, February 14th, 9:30am – 12:00pm: Countway Library, Minot Room

HTP course information/class registration
Looking for information on Social Security and Medicare—and how these programs coordinate with Harvard’s post-retirement benefits? Check out Preparing for Retirement (HarvardKey required) on February 14,2019 at Countway Library in the Minot Room from 9:30-noon.
Preparing for Retirement
This program addresses these tangible aspects of retirement planning:
*understanding Social Security and Medicare and how these coordinate with Harvard’s post-retirement benefits
*income planning and paying yourself in retirement.

HUECU Workshops: Lunch, Learn and Plan (in person or via webinar)
Ditch Your Debt (3/1/19)
Savings Accounts and Strategies (3/12/19)

Registration Links
HUECU is here to help you with personal finance questions, smart money tips and more. Join us in-person at 114 Mount Auburn Street (room 406) or from your desk via webinar. The Lunch, Learn and Plan series is brought to you in partnership with Harvard University Human Resources, Benefits Office.

Wellbeing at Harvard
Click above to find issues of the Your Life Well Lived, a monthly digest of wellbeing resources for Harvard faculty and staff.

Outing and Innings
Outings and Innings is at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine monthly! Click here for dates and the location. Click here to see events happening for the month.

Financial Education Calendar January and February 2019
From the Harvard Benefits Office
View this calendar to see what is being offered in the world of financial education over the next few months –you are just one click away from setting up a one-on-one or watching a webinar or signing up for an in-person presentation when they are offered.