Childcare Resources

Both the University and Longwood Campus have supports in place to try and help support you in balancing work and family. On this page, you will find information and links with information to help you source childcare, pay for childcare and what to do when you need back up care.

Information on sourcing childcare 

Finding childcare can be challenging, but we have many supports in place to help alleviate some of the burden.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Did you know that you can use the EAP to source childcare? By calling the EAP, you can speak to someone who can assist in your search for childcare. You can let them know your specific criteria (for example: location, center or home -based, etc.) and they will provide you with options that meet you need. The intent is for them to do the research so that it is less burdensome for you.


If you are a benefits-eligible Harvard employee, you have unlimited, free access to, a self-service online database of caregivers. Go here to learn about all of the services available through Care @ Work.

Only you know what child care arrangement will be right for your family. We encourage you to review these and other available resources and to consider the safety and appropriateness of any child care provider or setting. offers a safety center which includes a menu of additional background checks that you can purchase to supplement information supplied by caregivers on the digital platform.

You must register before you need it! To use any service provided by Care @ Work, Harvard faculty and staff must first complete and return a waiver.

Longwood Area Childcare

The Longwood Campus is also affiliated with the Longwood Medical Area Childcare Center (LMACC). The LMACCC is open and operating under state guidelines for health and safety. As a Longwood Affiliate you have preferential access to childcare space and rates.

Campus Based Centers

Six child care centers operate on Harvard’s Cambridge and Allston campuses. Each center has its own characteristics and culture, so families are encouraged to familiarize themselves with information that can be found on HARVIE.


Financial Assistance for Childcare

Childcare Scholarships

Harvard offers child care scholarships, based on need, to eligible faculty, staff and postdocs that help defray the cost of child care. Scholarship awards vary from family to family and year to year, and payments are made on a reimbursement basis. Applications are accepted once per year. The program is currently closed for FY21 but will reopen in July of 2021. More information can be found on HARVie.

Subsidy for Occasional, Unplanned Respite Care Expenses (SOURCE) Program

The SOURCE program is intended to provide financial support for back up care when your regular care falls through. Benefits eligible staff and faculty can claim up to $350 per fiscal year if you meet the income requirement of earning less than $75,000 FTE

Current Back up Care

The back-up care program through Care@Work is available for when your regular care falls through. You have the option to choose in home care or center-based care, however due to the pandemic, center-based care may be limited in availability.

Typically cost for in home care is $16 per hour and $30 per hour for center based care but Harvard is subsiding the care during this time period. See below for current rates:

Harvard Salary Rate
Less than $55,000 $3/hr
$55,000 to $99,999 $6/hr
$100,000 + $10/hr

As with the digital platform, you must register before you need it! To use any service provided by Care @ Work, Harvard faculty and staff must first complete and return a waiver.