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Welcome to Performance Management FY19! 

ePerformance, is the PeopleSoft system for recording and capturing annual Performance Management Data.

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HLC Year-end Assessments: Helpful Tips for Staff and Managers (click on links to register):

*Tuesday, March 26th: Kresge, Rm 202B
Staff: 10:30am-11:30am
Managers: 12:30pm-1:30pm

*Monday, April 22nd: HSDM, RM106
Staff: 12pm-1pm

*Wednesday, April 24th: HSDM, RM106
Managers: 12pm-1pm

*Thursday, April 25th: Landmark 5th Floor, West
Staff: 10am-11am
Managers: 12pm-1pm

*Monday, May 13th: Countway Minot Rm
Staff: 12pm-1pm
Managers: 2pm-3pm

*Thursday, May 16th: Landmark 5th Floor, West
Staff: 10am-11am
Managers: 12pm-1pm


Materials from HLC Goal Setting Sessions:
Slide Deck
Process Overview and Action Verbs

Materials from HLC Year-end Assessments Sessions:
Slide Deck
Process Overview and Action Verbs



There are two form-types offered within ePerformance, they are detailed below. (*Ask your manager or Department Administrator which form your department will be utilizing.):

For SPH:

  • Exception Form – This form is completed by the manager at the end of the performance cycle (Assessment). It provides a single space for a narrative summary for overall performance, as well as optional sections for the employee self-evaluation and for collecting year-end feedback.
  • Exception Form Step-by-Step Instructions
  • SPH Planning/Goal Setting Form  – All staff and managers should complete the Planning/Goal Setting document together, meet and discuss.  The manager can attach a copy of the FY19 goals to the review in PS ePerformance.

For HMS and HSDM:

  • Goals-Mid-Annual Review Form – New in FY19, this form has a new an instructions tab and a comment box for each of the phases of the performance cycle including goals, mid year, and summary (each phase is optional).  Click here for the process instructions and additional resources.
  • HMS Feedback Tool – The HLC Feedback Survey Tool provides you with an online option for requesting and synthesizing feedback from multiple individuals for each of your direct reports, including peers and colleagues, clients, vendors, etc.  While the ePerformance system offers a feedback option, the HLC Feedback Survey Tool is a useful alternative for those choosing to seek feedback outside of PeopleSoft.


FY19 Timeline

September 30, 2018 – Goal Setting and Planning (completed documents due for HMS and SPH)
October 31, 2018 – Goal Setting and Planning (completed documents due for HSDM)

  • SPH Exception Form users – Staff and Managers will capture FY19 goals in an electronic format that can be updated and referred to for the Assessment Phase in the Spring of 2019.

December 2018 – February 2019Informal Interim Check-in Discussions (this is a useful way to discuss and implement any adjustments to goal content and/or goal dates).

May 31, 2019Performance Assessments (completed documents due for HMS and SPH; timing will vary for some departments). SPH Timeline

June 30, 2019Performance Assessments (completed documents due for HSDM).