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Season of Giving

The Season of Giving fosters a sense of unity amongst the Harvard Longwood Campus by providing an opportunity to show appreciation and help those in our community who need it most. With the spirit of gratitude and appreciation in mind, we invite the HLC community to participate in the activities that comprised the 13th Harvard Longwood Campus (HLC) Season of Giving!

Events that will take place in the 2024 HLC Season of Giving events:  

Giving Thanks – November and December Months

Saying “thank you” is a small gesture that can make a big impact on someone’s day!  The HLC community has the opportunity to send a “Thank You” electronic card to someone who was helpful in some way, made them feel valued, and did something special for them.

Giving Back

Acts of kindness, such as providing donations and volunteering time, are ways of giving back.  Below are two drives that will kick off during the season of giving:

  • Food Drive: November

ABCD, a non-profit organization that provides food donations to low-income residents in the Greater Boston region, is the organization we collaborated with this year.  With all the donations collected, we will be helping 75 families during the Thanksgiving holidays!

HLC Season of Giving - Food Drive photo with Sophie, the therapy dog at the Countway Library      Photo of HLC Season of Giving Committee members with food drive donations

  • Toy Drive: late-November/December 

Phillips Brooks House Association (PBHA) is a student-run public services organization that seeks to meet community needs while advocating for structural change.  For many years, PBHA has collected gifts and donations during the holiday season for several community-based programs in Cambridge, Somerville, and Boston.

In 2023 PBHA ran a “Holiday Toy and Joy Drive“!  Their website provided wish lists from participating organizations – the flexibility of donating virtual right from the wish list.  There was also the option to drop off a gift at one of the drop off locations throughout the Harvard Longwood Campus.

Image of a table with donations of unopened and unwrapped toys for a toy drive

Giving back within your local community

The links below will help you find organizations within your local community that are accepting donations for food, toys, clothing, and other items:



Should you have any questions, you can contact:

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