Programs, Trainings, Resources, and Events

Virtual Programming During September

Check out all of the upcoming trainings, workshops, and events on the Longwood campus. Detailed information about times, locations and registration is included.

CWD Classes for September-December 2020

The Center for Workplace Development in Cambridge Offers a variety of additional courses to help with your skill building, communication, professional development and more. Check out their upcoming trainings!
Office of Work/Life schedule of mindfulness programming and sessions from now through June of 2020

Office of Work/Life

The Office of Work/Life also has sessions for mindfulness, managing stress, and achieving overall wellness. Registration for their courses is open and available to all.
Logo for Harvard Manage Mentor

Self-Paced Online Learning Tools

Harvard ManageMentor, developed by Harvard Business Publishing, is an online learning and collaboration resource for solving everyday business challenges. If you need guidance creating a budget, suggestions for making meetings more effective, or techniques for motivating and leading others, Harvard ManageMentor offers best practices from world-class business experts on a wide spectrum of management topics. Harvard ManageMentor

There are also excellent training resources available through LinkedIn Learning, an online training resource for members of the Harvard community, which you can access by visiting LinkedIn Learning at Harvard. You can also find a specially curated list of LinkedIn Learning Remote Work Trainings.

Harvard IT Academy logo

Harvard IT Academy

The new Harvard IT Academy is a CIO Council, FAS Research Computing and DCE sponsored, multi-year professional development program.

Recent trends in IT management are changing the way Harvard thinks about information technology. In order to stay competitive and retain our valued employees, the IT Academy aims to enable each IT staff person to grow professionally and become a trusted partner to her or his team. The IT Academy is built on the belief that every IT staff member across the University (including technology employees at each school and campus) can grow in her or his area of expertise as well as building strong people and project management skills.

Fore more information visit the Harvard IT Academy webpage.