Financial Wellness Support

We understand that this may be a time of financial uncertainty for some. Whether you are experiencing job loss in your family or worried about how you will fare financially through this pandemic, here are some resources you can access:

Harvard’s EAP provides not only provides virtual counselling to help you deal with stress or anxiety but they also provide financial consultation around financial transitions, budgeting, debt management, etc. Through this program, the EAP will recommend other community resources available to you.

Harvard Benefits
If you previously had benefits coverage through a spouse or partner’s employment, you are now eligible to enroll in the Harvard benefits program, as losing coverage is considered a life event. If you are new to Harvard the orientation video provides great information.

Community Support and Payment Relief
As a Harvard Community Member, you have access to the services, supports and financial counselling through Greenpath Financial Wellness. They have also developed a corona virus specific webpage.

Many financial institutions are offering programs to help support if you are experiencing financial hardship, including TIAA and HUECU.

Many companies are offering payment relief to help those affected by COVID-19. This Credit Karma article details which credit card companies are offering support. As well, many utility and cell phone providers are offering payment relief, so if you are struggling financially due to COVID-19, be sure check with your provider to see if they are offering any support.

Here are links to other articles with information on how to deal with financial stress or challenges:  

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