Mindfulness in Action: Leading & Communicating During Challenging Times

Please join author and internationally renowned teacher, Thomas Hubl, for a brand new 3-part workshop “Mindfulness in Action: Leading & Communicating During Challenging Times.”

This morning series (10am-11:30 am) will explore, through the lens of mindfulness and awareness practices, how we can use our insights and reflections to observe and better understand our individual and collective responses to these challenging times. We will examine how we can embrace discomfort and uncertainty, learn about the impact of traumatic news and circumstances on our lives, mitigate digital overload, and face our personal tendencies towards separation or isolation.

Through observing how we are responding during these times, we can become better equipped to regulate our stress (and others’), strengthen our relationships, and experience more productivity leading our teams and strengthening our relationships to our families and communities.

During this series, participants will:

  • Be guided in learning to strengthen our capacity to meet feelings and circumstances of discomfort by learning self/co-regulation, which can provide a doorway to successfully meet the challenging issues of our times and improve relationships
  • Understand the impacts of internalizing the trauma that is happening around us during these stressful times and practice techniques for becoming more aware of these effects and becoming resilient
  • Learn competencies around transparent and healthy communication practices, with a focus on digital spaces and how to mitigate overwhelm and mental fatigue from too much exposure
  • Become aware of our tendencies to feel a sense of separation and isolation during times of crisis, and how to navigate these experiences to strengthen our relational competencies and build trust and group coherence in our teams, digital meetings, and communities

Module 1, Tuesday, January 26: Discomfort & Uncertainty: What can we Learn?

Module 2, Wednesday, February 3: Fundamental Principles of Relational Competencies

Module 3, Tuesday, Feb 9: Building Group Coherence in Digital Spaces

Each session will include a short, guided practice or meditation, and time for Q&A. To support the continuity of this learning experience, please plan on attending all three workshop and keep your video screen on for most or all of the session. Participants will receive the introduction to Thomas Hubl’s book “Healing Collective Trauma: A Process for Integrating our Intergenerational and Cultural Wounds”.

Registration for these sessions can be found in the Harvard Training Portal