Staying Active During the Pandemic – Online, free resources

Staying Active in 2021
Even though many gyms and studios are opened (with restrictions),  it may be hard to book a class due to size limitations, or some people may not be ready quite yet to go back to their old fitness routines. Even before the pandemic, many people are juggling multiples priorties (work, pets, family, etc) and making it to a gym can be hard.

Physical activity and exercise is arguably more important now than ever. Not only does physical activity improve mental health it can also help to boost your immune system.  Read on to learn about different resources available to help you and your family be active at home during this time.

Perhaps the easiest form of exercise (and the least expensive) is walking. Walking outdoors has the additional mental health benefits of connecting with nature. Hiking, running and biking are other great ways to be active and be outside. Layer up so that you can be comfortable while outdoors in the winter.

Instructor Lead Options
If you prefer instructor lead options,  then here are some great home workout resources for you. The list has been updated to ensure these sites are still offering free workouts:

Free YouTube Channels
There are many great options available through YouTube:
Yoga with Adriene (Adriene is currently running a free 30-day yoga challenge!)
PopSugar Fitness
Fitness Blender

Resources for the Whole Family
It can be really fun (and beneficial!) to be active with the whole family. Here are a few child-appropriate resources:
Cosmic Kids Yoga
SHAPE America – Resources to keep students stay health and physically active at home