Your First Three Months

atwork1impactedThe first three months are critical for ensuring that you are both engaged and successful in your new role here. It is also a time to become more accustomed to the HMS culture, specifically around career development, recognition events and programs,  community building and networking, and sustainability practices. Please read through this section to learn more!


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Read Thoroughly TabTime-frame and Purpose
Generally, the first 90 days of employment is the orientation and review period (sometimes referred to as the probationary period). During this time both the employee and the supervisor should consider and evaluate the suitability of the placement. Supervisors are encouraged to use this period to review and discuss with the employee his or her progress in meeting the requirements of the position and in adapting to the work environment as a whole. At the end of the period, a meeting will be initiated by the manager to discuss the employees progress and a form will be completed online in PeopleSoft through a performance management process called ePerformance (ePerformance Orientation and Review Summary).

Extensions to the Orientation and Review Period
In some cases, 90 days may not be sufficient to evaluate the suitability of a placement. In certain instances, the complexity of the position or other departmental staffing and/or operational considerations may require an extension of the orientation and review working imageperiod of up to 90 days to fully assess the suitability of the placement. The terms of the extension should be discussed in advance with the HMS Human Resources office, as well as in writing, signed, and acknowledged by the employee.

Paid Time Off during the Orientation and Review Period
Although paid time off (vacation, personal, and sick days) begins to accrue immediately upon hire, employees are not eligible to take vacation or personal days during the orientation and review period except with the prior approval of their supervisor.

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Discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, creed, national origin, age, ancestry, veteran status, disability unrelated to job requirements, genetic information, military service, or any other legally protected basis is unlawful and intolerable to the University. Any employee who feels that he/she is a victim of discrimination is encouraged to seek assistance through the internal problem solving or the formal complaint processes. It should be noted that the processes described below may not be appropriate in every circumstance. Therefore, the processes should be considered flexible and modified as appropriate to the situation. For more information found in HARVie, please click here.lock2

Resources available to you include:
*Office of Human Resources
*Employee & Labor Relations Office (617) 495-5118
*Office of the Assistant to the President
*Office of the Coordinator for Persons with Disabilities (617) 495-1859
*Personnel manual on website lock2
*Ombudsman Office : Melissa Brodrick, Ombudsperson Confidential phone: (617) 432-4040

Questions or Concerns about Ethics
Confidential University Helpline (1-877-694-2ASK)


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The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers immediate, free, and confidential help for all Harvard employees and their household members. If you are eligible for these services, you can reach the EAP any day, at any time for personal or work-related concerns about yourself, family, friends, or coworkers; contact information may be found on HARVie. lock2
The EAP offers help with the topics below:

Stress reduction
Crisis counseling
Career exploration
Child care resources
Counseling referrals
Elder/adult care resources
Legal assistance
Financial consultation
Nutrition consultation
Work/life resources

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As members of the HLC community, it is important that we strive toward minimizing our environmental impact through the adoption of sustainable business practices. Sustainability at Harvard provides a forum for people across the University to access information, tools, and inspiration for the challenge at hand: making Harvard sustainable for the long term while striving to achieve its 30% Greenhouse Gas Reduction Goal by 2016. A truly sustainable campus requires the cooperation and inclusion of everyone in the community, and in this spirit we have formed The EcoOpportunity Team. EcoOpportunity is coordinated by members of the Harvard Longwood Campus and Harvard’s Office for Sustainability, with the participation of many administrative and academic departments around the school. This collaborative forum for knowledge, creation, and transfer, fosters an environment where sustainable initiatives are developed and executed.

EcoOpportunity Committees: Countway Garden, Communications, Green Office, Bikes, Campaigns, Green Dining, Events, Labs, Waste Reduction

For more information, please see below:
Email address:
Web sites:; ;;
Facebook Pages: Countway Garden:
SPH (HLC EcoOp):

For more information on the University’s Green Building Resource please visit this site.

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The Center for the History of Medicine collects the archival records of Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Dental Medicine, and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Additionally, the Archives and Records Management (ARM) program offers assistance and advice on the management of records specific to those communities. Contact ARM for support in the care of records through all stages of the records lifecycle, from creation to archiving or destruction. Services include:

  • Archiving records of permanent value in the Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Dental Medicine, and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health archives
  • Instruction on keeping and destroying records
  • Advice on maintaining compliance with University records retention policies
  • Support for managing electronic records in shared network environments
  • Options for records storage and suggestions for controlling costs associated with records storage
  • Transferring records to the Harvard Depository
  • Guidance on managing the records of separating employees
  • Tips on preparing for office moves and clean ups
  • Information on resources for large scale scanning projects

To access the General Records Schedule (GRS), visit

Contact ARM by email or phone 617-432-6194 for more information or for personalized records management assistance.

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Joint Committee on the Status of Women
The Joint Committee on the Status of Women (JCSW) is a standing committee of the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, established in 1973, representing a constituency of women and men faculty, fellows, residents, post docs, students, and staff of Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Dental Medicine, and affiliated hospitals and institutions.  Our Mission is to facilitate and enhance the contribution of women faculty and staff at HMS and HSDM by developing and expanding opportunities for leadership and professional advancement. This is achieved through identifying and documenting obstacles, developing educational programs, arranging skill-building workshops and networking events, and making recommendations to the Dean’s Office and relevant administrators to address areas for improvement.  The committee meets monthly here on the HMS campus and offers many professional career connections and leadership opportunities.  New members are welcome at any time. For more information visit, or contact us at

HLC On My Own Time
Every 12-18 months the Harvard Longwood Campus contributes to On My Own Time (OMOT), an exhibit that features the diverse talents and interests of staff, faculty, post-docs, and students, providing the opportunity to bring one’s whole self to work and showcase talents that may not be apparent to your colleagues. Past exhibit entries included music, dance, photography, textiles, basket-weaving, poetry, sculpture, cooking, and more. The OMOT exhibit includes the Chan School of Public Health, HMS, and HSDM. The exhibit was most recently displayed at the HSDM Research Education Building at 190 Longwood Avenue (located directly behind 188 Longwood Avenue) from November 12-21, 2014. Click here for more information.

HLC Summer Music Series
The schools of the Harvard Longwood Campus – HMS, SPH, and HSDM – invite you to take a break from your research, patients, paperwork, and other tasks to enjoy the 6th Annual Longwood Campus Summer Music Series, taking place on the HMS Quad and Kresge Courtyard. The concerts, featuring talented musicians from Berklee College of Music, take place on Wednesdays from 12:30—1:30 p.m. Click here to learn more!

HMS/HSDM Community Calendar
There is always an abundance of activities happening at HMS, ranging from the HMS Talks@12 and lectures to work/life seminars and professional development trainings. For more activities you may be interested in, please visit the HMS/HSDM Community Calendar.

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gym cartoon Rock climbing wall Tennis Treadmills




Vanderbilt Hall Athletic Facility:
Harvard Medical School has teamed up with Plus One to offer exciting fitness and recreation programs at the Vanderbilt Hall Athletic Facility. For more information, please visit

BodyScapes: Harvard Medical School has a partnership with BodyScapes in the New Research Building, 77 Avenue Louis Pasteur.  HMS/HSDM paid faculty, staff and postdocs receive a discounted rate.  Your membership allows you to workout in any location including Brookline! For more information, please visit

Please note: Each facility offers very different options. Please be sure to research each facility to choose which one is right for you.

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Guide to Manager Training Options

Training options for supervisors, managers, and leaders fall into three broad areas: Foundational Skills and Regulations, Awareness of Self and Interpersonal Skills, and more Advanced Leadership Development. Some topics are offered by the Center for Workplace Development (CWD )in Cambridge and /or Longwood, and others are offered by local Harvard Longwood Campus (HLC) resources.

Foundational Skills and Regulations
CWD’s Universal Manager Training Program is designed to prepare managers with all levels of experience to understand key compliance and regulations expectations present in the changing organizational climate. This program equips managers with knowledge and skills in the core areas of Employment Law, HU Policies, WorkLife, Leaves of Absence, Civility, Safety, and Diversity.  This program is required for all managers and supervisors (new managers should attend within their first year at Harvard) to ensure common understanding and application of core expectations of managers. The Universal Management Training Program covers these topics, over six weeks, through a combination of classroom and online training: Harvard Employment Practices, Work/Life and Flexibility, Leaves & Disability, Workplace Civility, Diverse and Inclusive Work Environment, Healthy and Safe Work Environment. For more information and to register, go to the Harvard Training Portal ( and enter Universal Manager Training under Search in the upper right-hand corner. Please note there is a late cancellation/incomplete fee of $50.00 for Universal Manager Training so a 33 digit billing code is required to enroll.

Awareness of Self and Interpersonal Skills
Here on the Harvard Longwood Campus, we offer the HLC Manager/Supervisor Series. This program takes place over six weeks, ½ day each week, covering a different topic each week. For more information and to register, click here. In addition, CWD offers a range of topics for managers. To learn more, visit here.

Advanced Leadership Development
Harvard Leadership Development Programs, offer more advanced skills training as well as self-awareness tools to refine and further develop leadership skills for both experienced managers and individual contributors. Full descriptions can be found here. Participation in these programs requires an application and nomination from participants’ managers. If you have any questions about these programs please contact Rebecca Feeney at

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