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About the Award

  • 2015 was the first year for the HLC HR Staff Recognition Award. The award was created to provide a formal way to annually recognize and celebrate the exemplary contributions of deserving HR staff.
  • This award is especially important since HLC HR staff are not eligible for Harvard Heroes given HR’s role in administering that program.
  • The Award Recipient will receive a $300 gift card from giftcertificates.com  and a framed certificate.


  • Nominees must be benefits-eligible HLC HR staff who have been with us for one year or more.

Award Guiding Principles (Click Here)

  •  The “Award Guiding Principles” provide areas to consider for nominees. They reinforce the importance of service excellence, teamwork, continuous improvement, and promoting inclusion and diversity.
  • These areas characterize excellence in HR and represent some of the values and norms that HLC HR strives to promote. A number of examples for each area are included.
  • A nominee does not have to excel in all four areas. We hope these guiding principles will be helpful when you think about who you may want to nominate for the award.

Nomination Process

  • All HLC HR Staff are encouraged to nominate any colleague(s) they believe deserving of this award.
  • To nominate an individual, click here to complete the Nomination Form.
  • All Nomination Forms will be kept confidential and will only be seen by the Award Selection Committee.
  • Anyone who submits a nomination will be asked to indicate if their name should be kept confidential in the event a nominee asks to see their nomination form.
  • All nominees will be honored at a special breakfast in March. The breakfast will be held before the Award Recipient is announced.

Award Selection Committee

  • The Award Selection Committee will be appointed by Julie Stanley and Linda Picard after the nomination period has closed. This will ensure that the Selection Committee does not include anyone nominated for the award.
  • The Committee will meet and confidentially review and discuss the nomination submissions, and select one individual to receive the award.

 If you have questions…