Managing Through Coronavirus

We realize that during this challenging time you may experience increased levels of stress and anxiety. While it is a completely normal reaction, we wanted to make you aware of resources that you can take advantage of to help cope.

Free Membership – 10% Happier App
Harvard University is providing a free membership to the 10% Happier App for benefits eligible staff and faculty. For more information and instructions to download, please see the FAQ.

Work-From-Home Guide
This Work From Home Guide will provide you with best practices for working from home, introduce you to various Microsoft Teams functions to help you run effective and inclusive events and meetings, and will outline various wellness, learning, and flex-work resources that are available to you through Harvard. Please also visit the Zoom Fatigue Article for resources to combat zoom fatigue.

Virtual Programming
Be sure to check the Employee Development & Wellness Program Calendar for virtual programming on topics such as mindfulness, yoga, resilience, managing stress and more. We are continually updating the calendar, so be sure to check back frequently. You can also visit Virtual LinkedIn Trainings During COVID-19 to see a collection of LinkedIn learning trainings that have been hand-selected during this crisis for your use and benefit.

Financial Wellness Information 
If you are struggling financially due to the impact from COVID-19, we have compiled information to help you manage.

Staying Active During the Pandemic
Staying active can seem daunting right, but it’s more imporant than ever. Here are some ideas and resources that can help you get moving. Additionally, Bodyscapes has officially reopened. Check out their new deals for HSPH employees Bodyscapes Flyer and rates for HMS employees HMS Bodyscapes Membership Flyer.

Employee Assistance Program
Harvard’s EAP, provided by KGA, has counselors available 24/7 to help. Note: KGA is now offering both telehealth counseling and chat options. KGA can also assist in identifying local care providers to meet back-up care needs. Register on their website for articles, resources, tools, and training programs: 1- 877-327-4278 (877-EAP-HARV).

Online Resources and Articles
We are compiling credible online resources that touch on a variety of topics such as self – care, talking to children, managing work and children at home and more. As always, check back often as resources are continually being added.

Working remotely has it challenges. From dealing with family members who may be at home, or feeling socially isolated, Harvard has updated their flexwork guidelines to support. They have also launched a Telework Continuity Kit.

Workshop Materials 
Find past workshop materials here

Manager Resources
Managers can find DIB, remote work, and live workshops and trainings in the Manager-Specific Resources and Trainings Guide.

Crisis Hotline
Samaritans, a crisis hotline, 877-870-4673.