Managing Caregiving During COVID-19


The unique circumstances of COVID-19 add an extra layer to the already complex experience of caregiving. Now more than ever, you have a keen awareness of your loved one’s needs and an eye to supporting their continued health. But senior care providers are themselves working to limit the virus’s spread, making it that much more difficult to navigate the senior care landscape. Where do you go from here? This webinar…

Couples that Work: At Home Survival Guide


Brought to you by Care@Work by,this webinar will provide helpful and actionable tips about how to manage working from home with your partner – and maybe children, too!

Managing Stress in the midst of COVID-19


Brought to you by Care@Work by, this webinar will cover stress management in the era of COVID-19. There are some tangible things you can do to avoid burnout, even when you feel like you have limited time. This webinar will address: • Warning signs of a stress overload • Techniques to reduce stress and enhance wellbeing • Ways to get the support and help needed to balance work and…

Caught in the Middle: How to Cope as a Sandwich Generation Caregiver

Zoom Virtual Webinar

Are you juggling the care of your parents and kids while trying to focus on your job too? If so, you are probably in the caregiving sandwich and you’re not alone. Nearly half of adults ages 40-59 are caring for both an aging parent and child and most are also in the workforce. Is there a way for sandwich generation caregivers, whether you are a daughter, son, spouse or partner,…