Election Support Resources

Resources Available to Support During The Election

KGA is available to support:

  • Individuals — Individuals in distress (e.g., isolation, grief, anxiety, anger, etc.) due to any external or personal event may contact KGA (see box) to seek support in managing their emotions. KGA’s website offers new resources and screenings to help employees understand their experiences and consider options for action. As always, KGA clinicians can provide immediate counseling, support during a personal crisis, and referrals to resources. Support is free and confidential.
  • Managers — KGA recognizes that managers are often the first point of contact for employees who are in distress. Through confidential consultations, KGA can help managers find effective ways to talk with employees and teams who are upset. Managers are encouraged to contact KGA for guidance in making effective referrals of employees to KGA. Support is free and confidential.
  • Schools and Departments — KGA provides teams and groups:
  • Group crisis-response sessions for grief or trauma due to the shared loss associated with a colleague’s death, natural or human-made disasters, or major organizational changes. In these sessions, a counselor provides psychoeducation and a safe space to share emotions and provide support mutual support. These sessions can be scheduled through the Office of Work/Life. Note: the use of these sessions is not appropriate for concerns related to political events and other potentially polarized issues.
  • EAP overviews which can be scheduled by contacting Jennifer Weininger.

New KGA services for support during turbulent times include a webpage dedicated to managing the stress of politics. Featured are a tip sheet and a video to help individuals cope with their emotional response to the current environment and remain aware of their own participation in social settings.   These resources and other tools are available at My.KGALifeServices.com.

Groups seeking facilitated conversations and dialogue around political issues or events, such as the upcoming election and/or its aftermath, are advised to work with trained facilitators with skills in managing difficult and potentially contentious conversation in which the participants do not necessarily have a shared perspective and may not desire the same outcomes.  Such facilitators may have training in orchestrating organization change and/or group mediation.  Contact The Office of Work/Life for referrals to such facilitators.

** Please note that the EAP counselling service for individuals is available to benefits eligible staff and faculty only. All other KGA resources mentioned are available to the general Harvard population.

10% Happier App

Ten Percent Happier is launching the Election Sanity Challenge: a free 7-day meditation challenge, starting on October 27. Throughout this Challenge, particpants will learn four key skills that will help them stay sane in the lead-up to the U.S. election on November 3. For benefits eligible staff and faculty only.


The Office of Work/Life is offering three wellbeing seminars in November designed to help people cope with converging pressures and maintain their resilience during these difficult times. Topics covered:

  • Balancing Home Work and The Pandemic
  • Finding Connection and Creating Community
  • Staying Resilient While Facing Uncertainty