Mindfulness and Meditation

SPH Reflection Room: Thanks to the hard work of the Harvard Chan School operations team we are pleased to announce that the school will be opening a new space for prayer, meditation and quiet reflection upon completion of renovations in the Lower Level of Kresge. The space will be a dedicated room with facilities suitable for ritual washing. “Reflection Room” will be located in Kresge LL14 and the adjacent Wudu Area in LL08. The “Reflection Room” is for the use of the entire Harvard Chan School community by individuals and small groups. No reservation is required. As the renovations are underway the School has identified a temporary space for prayer, meditation and reflection in Kresge 504.

HMS/HSDM Meditation and Prayer Room:
This room is open to all HMS/HSDM students, staff, and faculty.  It is located in room 166 near the Deanery Lounge (entry I) in the Vanderbilt Hall.  It is used for prayer and meditation, as well as religious, spiritual, and philosophical studies and activities.  These religious and spiritual activities take priority over use of the room as an academic study space for individuals or groups.

HMS/HSDM Muslim Prayer Room:
The Muslim Prayer Room is located in the basement at entry A of the Vanderbilt Hall. It is open to all HMS/HSDM students and is used for Muslim prayer, mainly Dhuhr and Maghrib prayers. It is also used to break fast during Ramadhan as well as for other religious and educational activities. Access to the Muslim Prayer Room may be arranged by contacting the Business Office at 617-432-1629.

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Managing Anxiety With Breathing
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Pain Management Meditation
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